Lunch Menu

Our lunchtime menu is available Here from 12:00 – 14:00.

You can view all of our Menu below or alternatively view the Menu in a PDF format here:



Tavuk Shish (Chicken On Skewer) 4.90

Marinated pieces of chicken fillets threaded onto a

skewer and grilled

Lamb Kofte 4.90

Minced Lamb with onion and green pepper patties, seasoned with parsley and

herbs. Served with salad, rice and dips

Kuzu Shish (Lamb on Skewer) 6.50

Marinated cubes of finest lamb cooked over a barbecue,

served with rice salad & dip sauce

Vegetarian Kebab 5.50

Aubergine, courgette, peppers, onions and mushrooms,

cooked on the grill and served with warm tomato sauce

Olive & Meze Special Salad 7.50

Mixed salad leaves, cheese rolls hallumi, sucuk, spicy ezme, cacik and humus

served with home-made bread

Mince Pide 6.50

Marinated minced lamb, onions, peppers, parsley and

Turkish herbs. Served with salad and dips

Vegetarian Pide 6.00

Mediterranean fresh vegetables with feta, hallumi,

mozzarella served with salad and dips

Salmon on Grill 7.90

Marinated in black pepper cumin and oregano

served with salad chips and dip sauce

Lamb Moussaka 6.50

Layers of aubergines, courgettes, potatoes and minced lamb, topped with a creamy

béchamel cheese sauce.

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